About me:

Hi. My name is Katie, 30 years old and only just about getting my act together enough to confidently (sort of) call myself an adult. I live in Kent, with my partner Clive and our two cocker spaniel’s, Dexter and Sookie.

I’ve recently been diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, which means my left temporal lobe is calcifying, causing complex partial seizures. As you can full well imagine, the last few months have been a slight roller-coaster of emotions and ill health.

I often worry that I don’t have my life together, and when I find myself half way through a ‘share’ sized bar of Galaxy, knowing full well I’m going to eat the rest of it and probably a packet of crisps for afters, binge watching serial killer documentaries I realise I potentially don’t, but sod it, who does!

This is just a little place for me to store my general thoughts and ramblings.

Put your details below if you want updates when I post 🙂

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