One month of happy.

For the last few years I’ve been stuck with my depression, it’s had it’s highs and very very deep lows. Medication has helped somewhat, but some days it can all just get a bit much for me and I’ll have a little cry, shout a bit, swear a bit and then crack on!

I’ve decided to do a one month of happy challenge. Every day i’ll find something that’s brightened up my day so I can look back and realise that no matter how sad I can get there is always something there to cheer me up. I’ve also given myself the rule that the dogs can only feature on here once – otherwise it’d get very dull, very quickly.

Day One

I bought these beautiful lilys to go in our front room – they’re on our window sill and I get to stare at them all the time.

Lilys from Aldi

Day two

My bed! I’m always sad to leave it in the morning. One of the most comfortable beds ever, and I love our bedding. (You’ll notice as this website comes together, my fave colour is pink!!)

Day Three

The start of my 3 day weekend! Yay bank holiday’s! Lot’s planned, but to start it off a cheeky glass of prosecco, a wax burner and strawberries! (Also, you’ll begin to notice throughout this blog, I love Pink, Hearts and Skulls – every room has skulls somewhere)

Prosecco, a berry wax burner and my two fave coasters <3

Day four

I’ve recently gone back to a job I left just under 2 years ago – and I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. I get on with everyone there, AND they’ve kept all the processes I created and all of my desk nick-nacks.

Meet Beekie – he is the keeper of the stores keys and my flowers.

Day Five

I got to go to London to see my baby sister! She recently moved there to be closer to her work, and I got to give her the other half of her birthday present – Snoop Dogs, from Crook to Cook. Going from her Instagram stories, it was for sure a winner!!!

The baby sister and I at our mums Hen Party

Day Six

Old friends! We had a games night at ours with one of my oldest friends, Jamie (if I were ever to get married, he would be part of the bridal party!) – Just generally catching up, having a laugh, eating, drinking!

Beers, vodka and bears vs babies

Day Seven

Organizing my life – I’ve noticed that every Sunday, when cleaning the kitchen I end up throwing away a small carrier bag full of food away that’s not been eaten. SO to combat this, we have bought a white board, planning all of our meals and also a handy place to put anything we’ve run out of on!

Day Eight

Our garden at night – we have so many lights I love it! We are also growing veggies, loads of flowers and herbs! The BF is a little green fingered bugger!!

Our garden, homemade flower planters. Featuring Sookie

Day Nine

New flowers. I love having fresh flowers!

Day Ten

Buying, and rarely using craft stuff! The mother in law is trying to teach me to crochet… can’t say it’s going well… but we will get there!

Bath bomb making!

Day Eleven

Impromptu visits to Leeds Castle, Kent for a motor show! Baby Geese, German Sausages and getting pecked by a swan!

Day Twelve

Finally! These two dopes. They’re honestly the best – as aggravating as they can be, I wouldn’t change them for the world.

Sleepy pooches!

Day Thirteen

One weird thing about me, is that I love slightly gothic stuff… in every room of our house we have a skull placed somewhere! Clive got me this skull ice tray for our first anniversary. I forgot I had them as they were in the back of the freezer, but they’re getting their use now!

Day Fourteen

Body shop!! I bloody love their stuff. Tea tree oil me up and liquid peel my face off!!!

Day Fifteen

Caramel, coconut milk latte’s from costa

Day Sixteen

Tea and cake with the mother bird! Then spending the day with her shopping after a crap Neurology appointment

Day Seventeen

Being able to run in Marvel pants and trainers as we have a treadmill in the garage – doesn’t matter if I look like a mental case, no one can see!

Day Eighteen

Bloody Eurovision!!!!!!! Though we came dead last… fully expected, I loved it.

Day Nineteen

Harry Potter, for ever and a day! I might be 30, but I love it.

Day Twenty

Home cooking ❤❤ spaghetti bolognese on the simmer and homemade Chilli oil!

Day Twenty-One

Been a bit of a poor show recently updating this! been hectic. But Sookie carrying around a toy that is bigger than her was the best moment!

Day Twenty-Two

Finally getting my hair dyed! Purple and Grey! yaaaay.

Day Twenty-Three

It’s the small things… I bought some salad serving spoons, which I’ve been meaning to get for bloody ages!

Day Twenty-Four

There’s a new brewery by me and I at last got to go! I also got to meet up with someone from my old work place.

Day Twenty-Five

I went to a car show with my mum, step dad and Clive. Prosecco, cars, family and sun! what more could a girl want?!

Day Twenty-Six

One of my friends weddings! Was lovely, and got to properly do my make up for once!

Day Twenty-Seven

Some arts and crafts! I made a little soap bag – again, I’m easily pleased!

Day Twenty-Eight

Our little slug pub – keeps the slugs from eating our crops!

Day Twenty-Nine

Homemade Chicken Tikka Masala. I honestly love cooking, it’s one of my favorite things to do.

Day Thirty

Dog Parrot! He loves to put his head on my shoulder, just to have a cheeky little look at what I’m doing.

Day Thirty-One

More flowers! I’d had a really bad day, seizure wise and I got home to these beauties.

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