The best apps I’ve used

Due to the whole not being able to drive lark I have had to find ways around getting places when family or friends can’t give me a lift.

I use the Stagecoach app religiously – you can buy tickets on there, track where the bus on your route is currently and how long it’s going to take to get to your stop and you can set your home address and work address so you can find your route home straight away.

My Spotify account has taken a bashing since I’ve been walking in to work and getting the bus – currently my favourite singer is Lucy Spraggan – genuinely believe I am keeping her royalties up!

Keepnotes! Due to the medication I’m on, and just general epilepsy my memory is shocking! If I need to remember stuff I will put it straight in keepnotes and tick it off once I’ve done it.

Pharmacy 2U is a life saver, they deliver straight to your door, and because I’m exempt from payments it’s FOC. You can put in there when your medication is due to run out and put a reminder in there to order it and it’ll tell you.

ICE – in case of emergency app – you can put all your details in there about any medical conditions, allergies and contact details for your friends and family. This comes up on your front screen, so if something happens whilst out and about people can check your phone and see straight away.

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