It’s okay to not be okay.

No matter what social media tells you, what stupid memes and ‘inspirational’ quotes tell you, you’re allowed to have your ‘blue moments’. Life’s not all about laughs and love and joy, but when these moments spring up in your life don’t take them for granted.

It can get a little overwhelming – work, life and being ill. Everyone wants something from you – be it hitting deadlines at work, making sure that you’re making enough time for connecting with your loved ones. You go through life having a socially acceptable amount of alone time, but some days you need that extra hour to read a good book, sit with a cup of tea wrapped in a duvet or just listening to music. Then you can step back out in to the big wide world refreshed and ready to rumble!

Making sure you have made time for yourself is a biggie. Have that cup of coffee hiding in bed, with the book you love but have yet to finish.

  • Sleep! For the love of all that is holy, sleep. I know I cannot function without it. When I’m feeling a little stressed, sleep does wonders for this. You can think clearer when you’re awake.
  • Go outside. Fresh air and nature are fantastic ways to forget about your worries. I love going outside for a wonder with my music playing. When I used to live opposite the beach I’d go over there with a book and Spotify for company. (Though I don’t generally leave the house alone if I can help it).
  • Get organised! I use my calendar in my phone to make sure I have all of my appointments and social activities logged – the latter because I’m also a walking, talking diary for my significant other… If I know I’m going to have a hectic day at work, I will create a list of what I need to do and tick it off as I go. Or when I’m cleaning, I’ll make a list of the rooms and what I need to do in them, and tick as I go.
  • Realise that you’re not perfect, and you never will be. Those people on social media, that you see in the streets or at work who look like they have it all together, they really don’t. everyone has their flaws, everyone has their weaknesses. You’ll never match up to the people you idolise, because they’re not even the people you idolise.
  • Have that binge session of Suits, or Game of Thrones, eat that bag of Doritos (though, don’t do what I’ve been known to do, and just keep eating for ever!) and relax.
  • Say no. If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. If it’s that coffee date with one of your friends, but you just cannot face going outside, or even if you’d rather sit at home, in your PJ’s with your dog. Rain check it, they’ll understand as they’ve felt that way before as well.

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