Trying To Stay Sane

I’ve always suffered from sleep paralysis and nightmares, but over the last couple of months it has become a weekly occurrence.

Of a night I end up waking the ever suffering Clive to tell him that giant spiders, black mists and the curtains are trying to get me; this is when I can talk. When it’s sleep paralysis I try to call to him, I can see him I just can’t touch him or call his name to help me.

Between hallucinations where I can move and ones where I can’t, I’d personally vote for being able to move. It’s a fairly awful ‘which would you rather’ but it is currently one I seem to be playing a lot.

In the morning after one of these episode’s I’m fatigued, angry and wondering the clichéd “why me”. Most of the time I trundle out of bed, to get to work for 8am for 8 hours (not including overtime).

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