Body Image

I’ve suffered for as long as I can remember with terrible body image, and this was before I was with someone who constantly mentioned how fat I was, how I needed to go to the gym “Oh Katie, maybe you shouldn’t eat that…”. So add a negative body image generally with 5 years of being told I’m not good enough made it rough.

Now at 30, I can finally say I don’t totally dislike what I see in the mirror! Sure, I could stand to lose a smidge of weight… maybe tone up, drink some more water, eat some more fruit but I actually like who I have become as a person. Being told daily how my partner feels about me, how much he loves me, how beautiful he thinks I am has helped, but my mental attitude has changed as well. I don’t really care what others think of me enough to warrant any negative feelings towards myself because of them.

Though, saying all of this, I have recently purchased a treadmill and once my foot has healed (I fell down the stairs and tore some ligaments) I’ll be going on there most days just to help build my joint strength up.