Trying to be plastic free

The last year or so, I have tried my hardest to be as plastic free as possible – though when you’re taking a tonne of tablets every month this is hard. So I try and remain plastic free, as eco friendly as possible.

The first swap I made was to shampoo bars – The first one I got was from Lush and I’ve never turned back since! Though I’ve still not got the knack of putting them in a little metal pots and the shampoo NOT sticking to it…

The second swap I made was to a conditioner bar – trying to find one for my hair type was difficult (thin, but lots of it and dyed) I found a seller on Esty who has the BEST bars ever – I’d always recommend them!

Moving over to reusable face wipes was a lot easier – you can find beautiful patterned ones everywhere online! I use bamboo fabric ones, and I generally buy ones off of Esty again, or local sellers. I also use Loofah pads to exfoliate my face.

In our kitchen – I have bought wooden and metal utensils, tin foil and wax wraps – no plastic wrap.

Not many people know this about me, but I bloody love cleaning! I love to make sure all of our sides are nice and clean, the front room is clean just love it! I cannot seem to find anything that is as good as bleach, so that is something I’m trying to work on. I do use vinegar and lemon peel mixture to clean the windows and pans though and anything else that needs cleaning down I use Method products.