Feeling Soppy

The boyfriend

As a general rule I’m not a soppy person, but Clive has been my rock since everything happened. He’s never told me how I should feel, that the way I feel is invalid or that I’m not worthy to be feeling the way I do. When I’m having a down day, he is there for me, making sure I’m okay, asking if there is anything he can do to alleviate the way I’m feeling. When I’m having a good day, no pain (or less pain) no seizures, the fatigue isn’t hitting me like a brick wall he’s there with fun things to do. Planning train trips, walks or just being together. I’ve never felt like I could be a failure to him, which means I’ve done things I honestly never thought I would, the Spartan race for charity, climbing a bloody mountain!! He makes me want to be a better person, instead of feeling like I have to be. He honestly makes me laugh, feel safe and just happy.

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