The Dowling-Days.

When I moved back home I thought it was the end of the world. I was 27 had lived with my partner (ex) for 5 years, independent and going back to having to tell someone when I was going out, where I was going out and why was a hard adjustment (well, I thought it would be). I admit, I probably wasn’t the easiest to live with again for a while there, and I feel sorry for my mum, step-dad and sister, but they took it well!

Looking back, I am honestly one of the luckiest people in the world – who would allow their adult daughter to move back home, with two dogs? (mental dogs at that) Not many people, that’s for sure.

I can honestly say that my relationship with my family has gone up a million fold (not that we weren’t close to begin with, because we were – but living with them as an adult taught me a few life lessons!)

They’re mental, but they’re all mine!

Me, mum and Kellie – the baby sister at Hythe food and drink festival!