The Family.

There’s 2 humans and 2 dogs in our house. We spend most of our time fighting for space on the sofa (generally myself and the 2 dogs win,it’s easily a 4 seater, but we like to spread out), or deciding what to do on the weekend.

Clive and I at my mums wedding.

Between working full time jobs, doing the house up and sorting the garden out we love taking the dogs out for hikes.

Sookie and Dexter after a long beach walk.

Saturdays are the day Clive and I get to spend the day together, if I’m not ill (has become quite often these days) we will go out, buying house stuff, garden stuff, general fannying around.

Sunday’s are my days. Clive works half the day so I get to clean the house, do all of the bedding, watch Jeremy Kyle (Clive will put up with a lot, but not that) and cook!