Self care – Health

I’m currently working on helping myself and my frame of mind.

For me, the below things are a must!I take water and dog poo bags with me everywhere – due to the medication I’m sick, ALOT. Especially on car journeys. And taking these with me makes me feel better. No digging around for a loose mcdonalds cup, that smells of off milk from the milkshake that previously inhabited it 🤢

Every month I’ll go through my medication, and fill up my pill pots – this makes sure I take them every day, without fail.It takes about half an hour / hour. Depending on whether I messed any up!

Every night I make sure I take my makeup off, or if I’ve not worn any that day just make sure I wash my face. I love the tea tree range in the body shop – they don’t test on animals. And moisturiser from Aldi, and I use reusable face pads.Knowing when to stop – I have a disorder called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type 3. Constant aching, joint subluxions, and it comes with a plethora of other issues. I know when to use my spoons, for example; I know I can only hoover the ground floor of our house before I end up in agony with my hips and have to sit down for a while with a hot water bottle. I know I can’t walk any kind of distance in flat shoes, I usually wear my military style boots, holding my ankles in properly so I don’t turn them and they have a slight heel.